Breathing for Surfers

Freediving surf training for the bondi lifeguards

Surfing is one of the world's most demanding activities. The level of activity can vary from calm, slow, easy surfs to explosive, fast and extreme experiences. 

No matter what level of surfer you are, no matter what waves you surf - you could benefit from learning how to improve your breath-hold and core strength.

I am available to offer Surfing oriented breath-hold and core training workshops in Australia and the Pacific.

There have been many discussions as to what training is best suited for surfing in general and big-wave surfing in particular. Most surfers end up practicing the "rock running" drills and similar drills.

After years of experience in the field of breathing and high performance training we have developed a system that will maximize your ability to perform in the likely event of getting caught under a wave.

Key principles:

taking the tumble on a B4S surf survival course
  • Preparation is key - knowing what to expect is the first step.
  • Core workout - It is no secret that core training and balance are two of the most important elements of surfing.
  • Warm up - Stretching is not the only thing you need to work on before you go out to the surf.
  • In water buildup - basic drills that can be performed before you catch your first wave.
  • Breathing - Before and during the surf.
  • Relaxation - How not to stress while being held under the wave.
  • Recovery breathing - The most important tool to ensure fast, efficient recovery between waves.

The surfing workshops can either be held as a "one off" clinic of one day or as a series of training sessions that focus on different elements of surfing.


We run the workshops around the country. Regular courses are held in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

We will need a pool to hold the practical session and a lecture room for theory.

Course duration - 1 day or 2 evening sessions.

Number of students - max' 10 per group

Gear required - Mask, snorkel, wet suit. 

Prerequisites - None.