Apnea International was born out of fire love for freediving. We have been involved in freediving for two decades and have seen freediving shift from an extreme sport, practiced by a select few, into one of the world’s fastest growing sports and recreations.

We are passionate about teaching and are committed to providing the best possible experience to our students.

We believe being a freediver is not all about diving deep, swimming far or holding our breath for a very long time. Spending a few seconds in the presence of a whale, playing with a dolphin, flying like a manta Ray or sharing space with sharks – all while holding our breath is all that it really takes.

Getting involved in freediving is easy – The first step is to be passionate about water. Our first two courses are recreational by nature which means there is no performance pressure. Instead – you will learn how to relax, breathe, work with a buddy and develop skills which will help you build confidence and with it – bottom time.

Our vision: Increase exposure of freediving through delivery of high quality Freedive education while developing an understanding of the ocean. 

Our Philosophy We see teaching as a calling, a way to enhance someone’s life by sharing meaningful ideas and by developing a sense of wonder. Below you will find a text which beautifully articulates the way we see ourselves as educators.