About Jack

Jack Hatfield is a Australian based freediving instructor and international competitor. Living on the northern beaches of Sydney.

I have been exposed to the water at a very young age be it surfing, swimming, ocean racing, lifesaving, SCUBA diving,  spearfishing and freediving i have always held a great respect for the ocean and have been continually grateful of the life it has given me. I began formal freedive training at the age of 18 and from there i have grown dramatically in my ability not only as a diver but also a coach, trainer and speaker as i stretched out more into competition finding great amounts of peace and accomplishment in what some would deem to be impossible or dangerous.


MY Mission

My personal mission is to provide education to others and share my knowledge in freediving with them so that they also will discover the rewarding nature of this sport.

I strive myself to push myself deeper and test how far i can send myself into the sea and discover more of the hidden world on our planet.

Photo by  Lucas Handley